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Zmorge Pedalo Picknick für Freundinnen


Rigi region

Special themed picnics, with delicacies and surprises,

that will make your trip unforgettable

Momentized picnic backpack

Would you like to enjoy exclusive, individually enjoyable moments that belong only to you?

Would you like to give a loved one an unforgettable, unique moment? For a birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary or just to enjoy a day with your friends and relax: we will prepare the moment according to your wishes!

  • Various sustainable picnic packages and set-ups for the mountain, park and lake

  • Local products and surprises that will make your trip unforgettable

  • Outdoor cuisine combined with exclusive moments in the beautiful Rigi region

  • Customizable with online menu

  • Sustainable and regional

simply special 


Info: Swisstainable Label


This is how it works:
Choose your moment - package

Find a suitable date
Pay easily online
Choose the pick-up location or get a convenient delivery to the hotel or Airbnb -free-

After booking, let us know your individual selection via the online menu
Celebrate and enjoy the moment with a special picnic in your chosen set - up on the lake, in the park or on the mountain
At the end you give everything back and keep the memories of a wonderful day
Have fun & get momentized

Your "Favorite" Picnic

Breakfast picnic on Lake Lucerne

Have you ever had breakfast on the lake?

Enjoy an unforgettable breakfast picnic on Lake Lucerne with regional delicacies such as the classic croissant, fresh rolls, Bircher muesli, Alpine butter, seasonal jam, as well as Rigi cheese and fresh fruit.
A picnic full of surprises on the beautiful Lake Lucerne. Experience an unforgettable time with your partner, your date or your best friends in this peaceful and unique setting.

Enjoy a breakfast with regional delicacies:

  • various Birchler muesli

  • Croissants and rolls

  • fresh butter, chocolate cream, jam and honey

  • regional cheese/ sausage

  • seasonal fresh fruit

Your picnic - your moment

Lake Lucerne - Rigi - Küssnacht -Weggis- Vitznau

The perfect surprise


Surprise your favorite person with an unforgettable, lovingly designed picnic!


Would you like to celebrate a special occasion in a unique way? Let's plan your picnic surprise together and design it according to your wishes.

- Choose your theme and the perfect location: Whether on the idyllic shores of Lake Lucerne or in the picturesque mountains of the Rigi region – we make it possible!
- Food and drinks as desired: From regional delicacies to special dietary requirements – we take everything into account.
- Individually coordinated decoration & accessories: Every little thing is lovingly arranged to make your surprise perfect.

Contact me now and let’s make your dream picnic experience come true!

📞 +41 775319477 | 📧

Spring Picnic Highlights


Birthday, Mother's Day or just because?

Give a picnic voucher

by momentized, unforgettable moments.

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What makes momentized packages so special?

Rigi      Seebodenalp

Everything tastes better on the mountain, so no matter whether it is due to the previous hike on the Rigi, the fresh air or the view of Lake Lucerne: no breakfast tastes better than one enjoyed in nature in the fresh air!
Of course, you can put together your own breakfast package, pack a thermos flask and head out. But if you prefer to be pampered, our Rigi-momentized packages are the perfect choice.

With the cog railway to Rigi

learn more

With the cable car to Seebodenalp

learn more

Lake Lucerne

Have you ever sat on a stand-up paddle board and experienced a sunset? With an aperitif and snacks simply enjoying the fascinating tranquility and impressive views in private? A unique set-up allows just that even if it rocks a bit, the glasses, bottle cooler and bowls stay in place.

Discover other set-ups such as pedal boats and kayaks. You're sure to find your perfect moment! 

Küssnacht     Vitznau     Weggis
Sterne momentized Picknick

Do you want a special experience in nature with an outstanding view of Lake Lucerne and Mount Rigi?
We have something for you! A picnic basket filled with homemade delicacies from the region. Get going and find a nice spot to have a picnic with your partner, date or best friend.
​Do you decide on one of the countless meadows and parks right on Lake Lucerne? The decision is entirely yours. Take your moment package and create an unforgettable time just the way you like it.

The packages from momentized are more luxurious than the usual picnic baskets or packed picnic backpacks.

Diverse selection, lovingly crafted and with surprising details:

We offer the following picnics:

  • Breakfast Picnic

  • Aperitif picnic

  • Afternoon picnic

  • Chocolate fondue picnic

  • Raclette Picnic

  • Beer tasting & picnic

online menu mockup.png

3. What content do you choose?

Your own moment package is as individual as you are.

For example, you don't drink coffee, ? No problem! When booking your momentized moments  you will receive a digital menu where you can make a selection regarding the content. 

4. Special details & surprises 

The materials used are of high quality and carefully selected. Because, as is well known, a feast for the eyes.

Every momentized package has little surprises for you to enjoy the moment exclusively
Only the best products, if possible from the region, are included in the momentized packages.

Everything is freshly prepared and put together for you by hand.

Mocktail Picknick

I am

“I was surprised with a birthday brunch on a pedal boat. Everything was so lovingly prepared and was even more memorable in the lake scenery. It was just amazing"
Lisa Z. - Herstenstein
momentized experiences are perfect for anyone who:
Rigi warming soup break
Rigi warming soup break
Stars momentized picnic
Rigi warming soup break
Rigi warming soup break

Taking time to look around and enjoying the moment and the beauty of small things

Like to surprise others and making them happy

Investing in memories rather than material things

No mass tourism. You decide where to go and how to make your moment exclusive

Not fully commited hikers have a good excuse not to have to go so far, thanks to the break activity

Connoisseurs and lovers of beauty and aesthetic



My name is Maria and I am
the founder of 

My mission is to bring joy and pleasure to the small moments of everyday life and make them special and memorable.

If you want to find out more, please read on here:



It`s the little things, with inconspicuous details, that create the beauty of a moment.

With my lovingly put together moment packages, I want to underline this feeling and share the joy of beauty with you.

It`s a pleasure to have you here. I look forward to you all.

Maria Steier

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Gründerin momentized Maria Steier

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#momentized moments

Show us what you make out of it.

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