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Small sunset hike on the Rigi

Hot soup with a surprising twist, the definition of the "golden hour" and saving electricity

Welcome to this little Rigi hike.

It started with the cog railway to Rigi Staffel and from there with a few stops via Rigi First to Kaltbad. You can see the route and the stops we made with the momentized backpack in the picture.

Stylish break

It has some beautiful front row seats along the way. The first bench where we used our momentized backpack is a little below the fireplace on a path from which there is a great mountain panorama. The bench invited you to linger as the sun had just fought its way through the clouds.

Milka, the model on 4 paws, also enjoyed the sun and we enjoyed a warming carrot soup.

It came in a stylish thermos flask and was still really hot despite a bit of hiking.

There was also freshly sliced crusty bread. Garnish with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil as a little unexpected twist.

There was also a selection of teas that you could freshly prepare yourself with hot water, as well as the orange juice that we had chosen.

Golden hour

“In photography, the period of time just after sunrise or just before sunset is called the golden hour.”

On the way down the mountain a bit in the direction of Rigi First and then in the direction of Kaltbad, we were deep in conversation. Didn't even notice how the sky suddenly changed color and this heavenly spectacle presented itself to us.

The lake and the silhouette of the houses sank into pure gold.

Sometimes it's time to stand still and enjoy the moment.

With our warm teacups in hand, we just stood there and were enchanted by the beauty of nature. Just speechless and thankful. #momentized

Rigi Bahn saves electricity

After sunset it got quite fresh and dark quickly. Fortunately, the path to Kaltbad is well paved and not very far.

At 8:15 p.m., just in time for prime time, we were back on the train.

Once again amazed what wonderful nature moments you can experience in such a small evening hike if you take the time to look around and enjoy the moment.

The Rigi Bahn helped to consolidate the impressions. There was an announcement that electricity would be saved at that time and the lights in the last car would be turned off.

We sat in the last car :)



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